Mindful Heart Community Masterminds

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My mind and heart connect best while I am in the woods.

This is where the whole concept of Mindful Heart started because I was reading about Mindfulness and what it meant.  I tend to be led by my heart and sometimes that gets me in trouble.  I realized if I had a mindful heart I would be more present and aware of where my heart was taking me.  I believe it is all about discernment.  Mindful Heart Masterminds are people who know this and make an effort to go to gatherings where we can listen to each other and support each other with our ideas and dreams for a better world.

These are some of the women from PWoW which is the best networking group I have ever come across.  They inspired me to get a group of Masterminds together.  They encouraged me to create my own Mindful Heart Community MeetUp group and this website.  I encourage everyone to come to one of the events.

This is the only earth we have and I believe if we grow our Mindful Heart Community we can grow solutions to the issues that inspired me to create this community.