We can all do our part with a Mindful Heart.

Mindful Heart Community is an idea that to make change in the world we have to start with our mind and our heart.  It is well and good to know what must be done however if there is no passion behind it nothing much gets done.  I am asking people to think about what they want to contribute and change in their community.  I am holding events and gatherings through Facebook and Meetup so that people can Mastermind their ideas and find passion together for the things that move them.  I am passionate about bringing art and creative expression through my programs to all sorts of people in our community.  I used to think this would happen in one building and then I realized that this could be so much more than just a center it could be a whole movement.  I believe that the mind and the heart come together most when we are at play.  I believe that play is the exultation of the possible.  This means that just the pure joy of creating can make all sorts of things possible for our community.  I want to see adults and children playing together in creative ways.  Each of us is a part of the heart that beats in our community of one.

I have not done much here over the winter however I have a ton of ideas for the spring and summer. I am trying to decide if my website and Mindful Heart FB page would be enough to organize people since I can schedule events through that. I cannot decide if I should continue with this account or not. Is this the easiest way to Meet Up with the group? I am scheduling a brainstorming session for all of the people in Mindful Heart Community that will probably happen in early March. I would like to create a gigantic community art party using some of my workshops like Flying Paintbrush and Shake and Make Art. I would like to do this in a park and am considering Orton or Peace Park on Willy St. I will also need a rain location. I would like this party to raise money for kids at the Salvation Army to have scholarships to After School and Summer programs. I also would like to raise money possibly through Indigogo or donations for a permanent Warming House for the homeless. I had such a fun time doing Camp Creatability that I really think this could work. I want lots of art ideas and possibly even vendors. I have a vision of it happening and need my community to make it happen. What do you think and when would be a good time to schedule a planning session? You can get back to me on MHC FB page or here. I am really excited about this! We can all do our part with a Mindful Heart!

I am looking for a logo that best represents the Mindful Heart concept.  I like the idea of a profile of a head with the heart where the mind would be and the mind where the heart would be, this picture however shows the mindfulness that I imagine when I talk about having a mindful heart.  She looks like she is deep in thought.  I would love to get any ideas of how to best illustrate the image of someone with a Mindful Heart.  I also believe that the brain is the physical manifestation of the mind so we have the physical manifestation of the human heart of Heart.  The heart could be just as expansive as the mind.  We only use a small percentage of our mind what if it is the same with our heart?

I went to an amazing bubble show where I witnessed the creation of a square bubble.  The summit I just attended that motivated me to create this website had a theme.  It was to re-think the possible.  A penguin can fly and a square bubble can be created  with a bit of creative problem solving and perseverance..

I consider myself a teacher and workshop Funcilitator which means I create playful activities that awaken in adults and children their creative expression of who they are.

We are all part of the Mindful Heart Community.  I like this image because I see everyone as a part of the heart. Everyone has a voice in our community and something to contribute.  

My favorite thing in the world is to swing.  I explain my vision in a video I am posting on my FB page that sums it all up pretty well.